Sunday, December 18, 2011

{ Dreaming of Italy & 20 Reasons Why I'm Glad to Be Home // Personal }

Waves of creativity tend to crest on me in the wee hours of the morning, and truthfully I usually embrace them with arms wide open.

Last night was no different. Around 1am I was cutting out old pictures of Italy to string up by the window. And like a magical trance, each image took me right into them like some sort of child's television show about adventures around the world.

I was back sitting on the Spanish steps watching people pass by and trying to avoid staring at couples kiss ever-so passionately. I was looking down on ancient ruins and running my fingers across the cold stone walls where Paul was imprisoned. And I was lying on a grass on a hill by the Coliseum, staring up at the clouds for hours...

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Italy. (139)T

Italy. (159)T

Italy. (348)T

Italy. (388)T

Italy. (418)T

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It was perfect.

And I remembered the many trains we took throughout our time in Italy. Trains to the city, trains out of the city. Trains to Venice and trains home from Venice.

And on such trains I was given the chance to listen to a lot of music, write out a lot of thoughts, and daydream overlooking lush Italian countryside. It was a bit of heaven on earth...

Italy. (151)T

So last night my heart and mind danced around these memories as I thought of how enchanting it is to explore somewhere so wonderful as Italy.

But my daydreams gently awoke to the fragrance of a Christmas-smelling candle that brought me back to this slightly snowy winter December night. And I was grateful to be tucked away in this cozy home of mine in southeastern Pennsylvania.

For a girl who has always romanticized the idea of traveling to a new place and exploring absolutely everything around, I’ve become quite an appreciator for any experience that breaks up the monotony of a day-to-day life. I've honestly lost track of how many airplanes I’ve boarded, random coffee shops I’ve waited in, and unreal moments I’ve had while traveling.

But I must say, there is something absolutely special about being home in your pajamas on a cold winter night just a few sleeps away until Christmas…

And so with all of that said, I took the time last night to write down "20 Reasons Why I'm Glad to Be Home." They are in no particular order. ;)

1. Airplane smells.

2. Trying to remember if you have everything you need on you. Passport? Phone? Your stupid phone charger just in case you were (hypothetically) to get stuck in the Chicago airport overnight and your phone runs out of battery during a snow storm?!?

3. Being subject to eat from whatever restaurants happen to be around you when you have a layover in a random city. :P

4. Fruitless efforts of trying to fall asleep against a cold airplane window.

5. That you can only rationalize taking two or three books with you at any given time.

6. Wondering if this 743rd trip on the airplane will be the time you GO DOWN. Morbid, I know.

7. Airplane hair. Not pretty.

8. Jet lag. Also not pretty

9. Having access to your whole wardrobe not just what happened to be thrown in your suitcase the night before you left.

10. Wearing a ring on my left ring finger to cut weird guy glances in half. (I'm single so it seemed a bit odd at first but it totally works, trust me.)

11. Being away from your home church on Sundays.

12. Exercise routines go out the window.

13. Watching a really cute guy in an airport for a few minutes and then seeing his girlfriend meet up with him and they’re totally in love. Excuse me while I throw my dreams out the window…

14. Up to two hours of computer battery life without a charger. Movies seem to end abruptly because of no more battery. Like the first time I watched The Guardian and my friend's laptop cut off during that last rescue scene…It was torture!!!

15. Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting.

16. Being super sweet and extroverted to all your hosts and friends when inside you’re totally an introvert and just want to read and listen to music for a few hours.

17. My favorite lake is not within driving distance.

18. If anything bad were to happen, you’re far from the ones you love. I hate that.

19. My own bed.

20. Burlap and Bean Coffee is missed. Fiercely.


Italy. (633)T


  1. I can relate to some of those after getting off of a plane and being home. Definitely cannot relate to your #13 at all though. :)

  2. Ha! I'd hope not, Ray. :) Merry Christmas!! Enjoying being in Africia ~ how special!!