About Kristen.

Oh, hey!

My name is Kristen, though my Dad still calls me his sunshine and others seem to call me 'camera girl'.

You probably can find me devouring a good book, searching for new music that doesn't stink, editing your pictures, or wandering around a body of water or forest somewhere...

I love feeling inspired, being joyful, dancing in my pajamas, writing at midnight, and hearing a good story about someone being brave and beating the odds.

Jesus, orphans, family, and faithful friends; they all have my heart. I love meeting new people and hearing what they're passionate about. I seem to make friends with my photography clients, and I love watching their families grow over the years.

Life is beautiful because He is beautiful.

 * * * *

Orphan Stories is a site I began to create a networking hub for those interested in adoption and orphan care. It's also a place where I share my experiences with the kids and advocate for them.  Please check it out and keep your eyes peeled for updates on a book I'm writing!!

I also began The Invision Project: Kids & Cameras to give orphans the opportunity to explore their world through photography. That project continues to blow me away since it's start in 2010!

Also, I partner with Red Thread Sessions, offering photography services to adoptive families! Yay!



  1. I follow you on Instagram, but I like to say I see glimpses of your days through my iPhone. I came to your website tonight for the first time and stayed
    A. While.
    Fun, to see how it unfolds for you. I like learning a bit more about you. Here's who I am -

  2. Hi there! Thanks for saying hello! Just wrote you back! ;)