Thursday, May 17, 2012

{ "How'd I Get Here?" // Personal }

This is probably the least logical time to stop and write a personal blog post.

It's 11:55pm.
I'm nearly done editing a family session from this past weekend.
AND, I have several more sessions to post-process until I'm all caught up.
DOUBLE AND, I'm shooting a wedding and another family session this coming weekend.

Did I mention it's midnight?  Yeah.

It's no time to dilly dally.  But something really surreal just happened, and I need to pause a second and get my bearings.


                            *   *   *   *    *

But first, back up with me a few years.

Like many others, I had my wisdom teeth taken out in high school.  I don't remember much, but in that loopy stage when I was waking up I could not for life of me make sense of why I was in a different room than where I began.

With gauze in my mouth and eyes half open all I could say to my Mom was,
"How'd I get here?"

Over and over and over.

And over.

"How'd I get here??" I had no recollection of walking in my sleep from the operating room to the recovery room.  It made my mind spin in circles for hours.

Well I finally have come to terms with the idea I may never know how I moved rooms.  But I have to say, the people in these post-wisdom tooth extraction videos always make me feel better about my own experience.

If ever you need a good laugh, I highly recommend watching any or all of these...



                           *   *   *   *    *

Ok, so now that some of you have essentially spent a half hour or more of your time watching youtube videos, I'll bring all of this together now.

Truth is, there are so many times when (minus the gauze) I still ask myself, "How did I get here?" How am I a small business owner when I never really had any intentions of being one?

My answers?  I love photography.  I love people and relationship.  I like the creativity that comes with post processing.  I love learning.  I like being legal, and that requires lots of forms and fees and having an accountant.  And that all is so strange to me sometimes.


Tonight while I was editing, I came across one family photograph that stopped me for a while.  After studying it I finally said aloud, "Dang I really like this picture!"

That's when it hit me that I was the one who had taken the image and edited it's present form.

It sounds obvious.  I mean, who else's pictures would I be working on at midnight? But the style of the photograph is so different than what I would have produced even just a year ago.

Sometimes it's really tough to see personal growth in your own life.  You work so hard, so tirelessly for whatever end you're trying to reach. And often you can't see how far you've come because you're so focused on learning the ropes and where to place your next step.

So to have a moment where you can measure how far you've come is super refreshing and encouraging.  I hope that today each of you find yourselves encouraged at the progress you've been able to make in your own lives, relationships, jobs, and passions.  Step by step, friends.  Let's do this.

                          *   *   *   *    *

So now it's back to editing and previewing Keane's new album (because so far it's fantastic...) for me! Thanks for letting me dump my mind and heart out here for a moment.

I promise that posts with pictures will actually be up soon.

And, yeah, go watch those youtubes.  They will make your night.

- K.C.


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