Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{ Exhibit at The Gryphon Café in Wayne, PA // May, 2012 }


I'm all about stretching myself creatively, so this month I've taken on making a photo exhibit for The Gryphon Café!

It's the loveliest and coziest of places tucked right in the heart of Wayne, and I'm so honored that my photographs are hanging on it's walls.

The exhibit will be up all throughout this month of May, with a special opening on Wednesday May 9th from 6-8pm.  Feel free to stop by!  I'd love to see you.

*   *   *   *

Here's part of my personal journal entry about my heart behind this exhibit.
Just to keep it real.
And all that jazz.

"So I’ve taken on having a photo exhibit in the Gryphon Café this month.  My first one ever.  Sounds simple enough.  No big thing.  But really I've put a lot of work into this.  Like, my hands could tell you that I've made them work extra hard lately.

Choosing and retouching the photographs I wanted to display was a process.  And then I wanted to find whimsical frames from thrift stores because they have a whole lot of character, I think.

They needed delicate demolition so I could place my own photographs in them.  And that involved using Dad’s tools and tearing staples out of the wood and accidentally slicing your hands on the glass.  I'm guessing that few people know the work it takes to restore a used frame, because I didn't until I tried this ambitious project.

But ya know, my photographs are up.  They’re on public walls, where people are passing by everyday. And if they’re having the best day of their life or the absolute worst, I hope that my pictures connect with their souls and encourage them.  Even if just for a moment.

When someone looks at Wei Wei, does he reach them?  When a girl trying to find her way in this world notices the sunlight hitting delicate flower petals, does Jesus extend Himself to her?


Maybe this month I’ll find myself in the corner of the Gryphon and hope that even just one onlooker does a double take of something I've put up.

Not because my name's on it.  In fact, I'd much rather they don't see me at all.

But if anyone's heart is drawn to the Creator of this beautiful world through my photographs, I'd be quite content.

Because all I want to be is the mirror."


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