Friday, May 25, 2012

{ Charlie + Liam // Chester County, PA Family Photographer }

Hold onto your hats because you're about to be taken to a place where childhood and enchantment swirl together in the most beautiful of ways.

These boys.
Their precious outfits.
This location.
That day.
Listening to "Le Chant" by Andrea Marie on repeat while I edited.
(I recommend letting this song play while you look through these photographs.)

Being a photographer in Europe during the 1940s would have been a dream.
But this is close enough for me...

1720LG 1755_1777LG 1780LG
1737LG 1809_1840LG 1961LG
1804_2009LG 1918LG
1939_1951LG 1963 1972LG
976_057LG 2062LG 1977LG
2066LG 2007LG 2006LG
2029LG 2031LG 2037_2038LG

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