Friday, April 20, 2012

{ Holden + Jameson // Chester County, PA Family Photographer}

Well hey, what do you's my poster kids again! ;)

These two boys have a pretty special place in my heart.  Even though they shoot me with pretend guns. And stab me with light sabers and swords. And tell me "I'm done with my pictures" about half way through.  I just can't help but love them so.

Little boys are the best.  Dirt and exploring and super heros are things that I can totally relate to.  And now that I think of it, all the marriage proposals I've been given up to this point in my life have been from little boys.  I guess because making phenomenal mud pies with someone is a really good test of what true love is. ;)

So...enjoy the sweetness, craziness, and silliness that are wrapped up in these two delightful brothers.
They sure make me smile...

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