Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{ Baby Berke // Chester County, PA Family Photographer }

I guess I can say I believe in love at first sight after meeting little baby Berke.  His blue eyes, happy go lucky personality, and and killer style (thanks to his Mama) just about charmed my socks off.

You'd never know that there were record breaking winds happening while I took these photographs.  Or that Berke and his family were moving the very-next-DAY to upstate New York!  They were just incredible; so calm and cool.

I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet them before they left Philadelphia, and I wish them the very best for all that lies ahead...


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  1. Hey Kristen, we met at Tracy's wedding and I've finally had a chance to look at your site. Your photos are awesome! Seriously, you have a great eye and it comes across in all these relaxed and personal moments. Love it. Ashley

  2. Thanks so much Ashley! So good to connect with you on here! :)