Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{ The "Quiet" Months }

January is an odd time of year in Pennsylvania. It's the stark contrast of the month prior where days are brimming with celebrations, parties, gifts, and expectations. Then we all gather round the TV (or Times Square if you're brave) and watch an over-sized radiating sphere fall as we simultaneously practice counting backwards. Preschool teachers across America must beam with pride.

We're launched with high hopes to 2012. This will be the year that ____________ happens. I finally will stop __________. Maybe I will be given a backstage pass to any and all concerts I want to go to, like I dreamt about last night. Oh wait, I was supposed to leave that blank for YOU...

Anyway, so about two weeks pass (give or take), and we face the fact that not much has actually changed in this grand new year. The realization hits that much of our lives are lived in the moments that can feel insignificant and quiet. And then we think too much, probably.


But oh, that all kind feels sullen, doesn't it? I don't mean to paint things gray.

See because January, all 17 days this year, has also dealt me some incredibly exciting days as well. Ok, maybe that's a lie. Exciting moments is more accurate.

I've been "cleaning shop" or whatever the cool kids call it - when you're giving everything a clean sweep. Getting ready for the rush that is coming in a very short time.

Things like registering pictures with Getty Images, working out a contract with Living.Social for the Spring, booking families months down the road, reworking some fun new locations, and even actually registering my business (which I meant to do months ago...) keep me busy. It's kind of all pretty exciting.

I never expected this photography thing to take off. If I had a clue so many people would have believed in me to pursue this, I would have probably indulged myself and gone to art school. But this whole self-taught road, seems to work for me. I dig it. And God's blessing it.

So....quiet days. Take that. You very likely will be seeing a bit less of me round here for a short while. But trust me, I'm still around. Probably on instragram, but I'm around. ;)


(Are YOU on instragram? Let's be friends. phillykc)


  1. I like this. I like this a lot. I'm excited for you and everything that's going on for you right now!

    And I wish I were on Instagram, sigh. Guess we'll just have to be friends in real life. Ha.

  2. Real life friends are infinitely better. :)