Thursday, October 13, 2011

{ A Walk in the Woods in the Rain }

Ladies and Gents, how kind of you to come by. Seeing that it is mid-October, I trust many of you are curled up in your favorite fleece blanket and have a hot cup of tea within hands reach, as I do. For those of my friends in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the beach. ;)

Please, listen to this while you read. It has been playing over and over all day so it seems only right you should be serenaded as I have been. (Trust me, the piano will not disappoint.)

Today was particularly lovely. It was raining on and off, with this beautiful mist settling over everything. The atmosphere was poetic and called me outside.

I had some free time this afternoon so I cleared a memory card, put a fresh battery in my camera, grabbed the first umbrella I saw and went down to the woods that is right by my home.

I've grown up wandering around this Nature Preserve all my life. I know it's paths well. I know where the deer like to hide and where people have carved their initials into weathered tree bark. I know where you can go to see a lovely little stream and
the spot you can see where my 4th grade crush used to live...not that I ever used to go there... *blush*


My obsession with Van Gogh continues. I have several books on him and just watched a documentary on him last night (that "he" narrated, which I thought was odd...)



Alright so here's the truth...I can be a terribly clumsy person. I'm not sure if I just don't think about menial things I'm doing or what, but ask anyone who knows me well and they'll tell you I can't carry a cup of coffee two feet without spilling it.

By some miracle my professional shoots usually go pretty smoothly. (That's excluding that one time I fell backwards over a curb just as new clients were pulling up and waving...) But yeah, normally, they'll never know how awkward I can be. Thankfully.

When I go off and shoot by myself, clumsiness does not hide. Hence, today's shoot. I was literally just wandering the woods for a walk and maybe some photo taking but this dumb umbrella...

It's adorable, from Gap, a faithful companion. But it was barely windy and the thing was turning upside down, inside out like it's life depended on it. I finally gave up and just carried it that way, thinking it would work until it rained hard enough and it got too full.

That dumb thing...


But whatever. It wasn't raining too hard anyway. So I just got lost, in the best of ways...

















Then I went home.
And we parted ways, that umbrella and I.
I am ok with this.


So until next time friends. Keep dreaming. Keep exploring.

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