Monday, October 31, 2011

{ A Series of Fortunate Events // Personal }

Like for many other east coast dwellers, this past weekend has been all things unexpected, insane, laughable...and pretty much all around crazy.

But it didn't actually begin that way...




Friday was beautiful and rainy and all things lovely.

I've been trying to follow my photography whims lately, and so when a wave of inspiration hit I went outside with my camera.



A group of my friends and I were SUPPOSED to head out on a CAMPING TRIP OF EPIC PROPORTIONS the next morning, but somebody somewhere said it was supposed to snow so it was called off. I had cleared my photography schedule and everything. Sad day.

And yet, it's kind of amazing how parallel the rest of my weekend was to a camping trip. We're talking serious layers of clothing, getting warmed by a fire, nights under sleeping bags, reading by flashlight, boiling hot water for tea and cocoa...

Because, friends, it snowed...


I was absolutely charmed. I put on my twinkle lights, lit every candle I own, and devoured a few books...


I finally got around to hanging some photos I've collected from different places on small clothespins...


Then the lights began to flicker and suddenly our power bid us goodbye.

The temperature dropped pretty quickly without heat, so I rummaged through our attic and found the good old long johns my Mom always insists I wear in times like this. Hot stuff, especially with the socks, I know...


Time passed. We got colder. And colder. Simplicity was the theme of the day. We had no TV, Internet, instant other words, I WAS IN HEAVEN!!! :) Honestly, it refreshed my socks off.

I'm ever so thankful for the portable iHome speakers I bought recently, which gave us an ongoing soundtrack in the quiet. Everything from Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to Lecrae and Shai Linne were enjoyed. There may have even been a dance party happening in the kitchen to Owl City's "Deer in the Headlights" as dinner dishes were being washed.

We lounged by the fire and listened and sang, and some of us fell asleep...


It was a long night. The sound of heavy tree limbs falling kept waking me (though thankfully they missed us, but I was sorry to think of the damage they were doing to those nearby.)

The next morning I shuffled downstairs and laughed at the first thing I saw...


My Dad had gotten all of our travel mugs ready and was out front shoveling like crazy (this is October, remember) so he could go get us all hot coffee. Adorable.

We did in fact make it out, though I was ready to walk anyway. Muffins and coffee and pajamas (several pairs...) was what our morning held.

As my Mom asked, "Exactly how many layers of clothing ARE you wearing?" I couldn't even say... :)

Anyhow, I was quite taken by the beauty of it all. Yes, we were cold. Yes, inconvienced. But I think it's really healthy to slow down every once in a while and do things like take a walk and watch snow and rainbow leaves fall simultaneously.

I've never seen that before in my life...


So at the end of two days that felt more like four, we did get our power back. We're warm now. And everything is getting back to normal. But ya know, I'm grateful for my non-camping, camping experience.

It was a series of fortunate events this weekend.

And I'm thankful.

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