Monday, February 7, 2011

{ I went to Australia // Part 4 }

You can't go to Australia without seeing kangaroos, kookaburras, & koalas.

Our friends made that happen. They kindly took us to the most unusual, or, um...interesting place for that experience: Oakvale Farm & Fauna World.

Please take note of the missing arms on the kangaroo, as well as a missing eye on the koala.


Oakvale Farm (or "feral farm" by our friends refer to it as) seems to have mysteriously slipped under PETA's radar for many years. It's like a free for all for Australians animals.

The animals aren't a bit shy, as they're used to people constantly feeding them from food bags. Unwanted followers (like one goat we had...) or wanted followers (like mama kangaroos with joeys in their pouches), there were always animals at our feet.

Kinda cool, kinda...unsettling. Yeah, unsettling, that's the word. :)

We really laughed a lot that day. Oh how strange some places in this world are.

But I got to see my absolute favorite, the sweet koalas!


I want, I really want one.


We also saw lots of kangaroos. Though looks can be deceiving...

After giving Phoebe a high five, he punched her in the face... :/


Gansta kanga??


Ill kanga?


Baby kanga!!! C'mon everybody..."Awww...."


These baby lambs and goats were just born a few days prior!



In case you don't know what this is (because I didn't either) it's a wallaby. Thanks Pam.


Such impressionable memories were made that day, that's for sure. It was one of our last days in Australia. So sad.

Our friends held a goodbye BBQ on the beach for us (was it that same night? I think it was.) We played cricket, which not to brag or anything, but I kind of rock at. And we ate yummy food and talked to so many new friends. What a blessing and a half this trip was for me.

Well beautiful Port Stephens, I will miss you. Thank you for accepting us and Bring Me Hope so warmly. You are lifelong friends.


Until next time,

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