Friday, January 28, 2011

{ I went to Australia // Part 2 }

So there I was, nestled in the van as we drove 3 hours north of Sydney. We had seen a bit of the city and were headed "home."

Favorite songs played on my ipod as I studied everything outside the window as drove on.

I should clarfiy: I studied everything outside the window in-between short naps and re-awaking. Slowly the rain and the early hours our friends had left to collect us from the airport were having their full effect. Nearly everyone was falling asleep, and I was no exception.

After a while we arrived in Port Stephens, NSW...a hidden paradise, if I may say so.

We spent much of our days speaking about Bring Me Hope on the radio, newspaper interviews, in schools, and churches.

Our downtime was spent reading, walking on the beach, climbing mountains (they call them "big hills"), seeing wildlife, soaking up the sun, meeting the lovely people of Australia, and trying to spot kookaburras in gum trees.

One of our first days we went here:


That same day we took a boat ride across the bay to get fish & chips and see the Island. We also saw lots of these guys...


A favorite spot of mine is a place called Burbi Beach. Just image breath-taking sand dunes, miles and miles of gorgeous ocean, dolphins jumping in the waves, people four wheeling and having family barbecues. One day we even got to explore Burbi on horseback along the ocean. *Contented sigh...*

Here are a few photos from one night at dusk...





Then the sun began to set...



And yet it left it's presence.



On of our days off, some friends thought it would be fun if we climbed this mountain, I mean hill.

Only thing was, I was beat tired.

So much to the confusion and probably dismay of our friends, Nicole and I laughed most of the way up. We stopped at most any plaque we saw to regain composure and rest (and learn, of course. ;)

But I'll tell you, when we got to the top of the mountain...hill...and I saw THIS, I was completely sobered and stunned at beholding this amount of beauty.

Take a look...





The view gave a great look at Port Stephens.




And yet a bit more coming soon... ;) Then the end.

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