Thursday, December 20, 2012

{2012, A Thankful Year}

Um, hi.  It's kind of been a while...

Blog silence usually means one of two things; Either the blogger is transitioning to other things in life OR they've been so busy actually practicing their craft (in this case photography) that they haven't gotten a moment to actually post!

I'm happy to say that the second has been the case around here!  You guys have all kept me SO fantastically busy this year, especially over the past several months! I will be posting some of my latest work after the holidays, but at the moment I can only stop and say thank you!!!

And since I'm as nostalgic as they come, here are some of my most memorable moments from this past year.  Enjoy my brutal honesty. 

+ Children asking me if I would come with them after the photo shoot was finished.  Melt my heart.

+ One Mama confessing to me that she drove away from the gas pump with the hose still connected to her car because she was SO EXCITED about seeing the preview of her session on her phone!

+ A family telling me that on the drive home from their photo session their little daughter was pretending to take picture of her baby brother and was repeating things I had said like, "Oh PERFECT, you look SO WONDERFUL!" and "Hold it there, just like that!"

+ An initial email from a new family confided their children all HATED having their picture taken.  After their photo session she emailed me and said they all LOVED it!

+ Being hassled by state troopers during a session in front of a new family muchless! (Even though I didn't need a permit at that location!) 

+ Being hit on during a photo session by a young guy who just happened to be at our photo location.  The Mom of the family I was photographing and I were sharing some really funny glances while this was all happening. 

+ Shooting a family session at a University only to have the ENTIRE SENIOR GRADUATING CLASS AND THEIR FAMILIES descend onto the lawn where we were shooting!

+ Meeting so many new families I'd never have the chance to meet outside of photography.  You have made such an impact on my life and I am beyond words grateful for you. Thank you for such a fantastic year...Here's to all the wonderful things yet to come in 2013!


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  1. We're so thankful for YOU! Your heart, your gifts, your friendship... simply unmatched.