Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jumping out of my SKIN excited!

Over the past six years, I've been been blessed with opportunities to spend time with the incredible youth from the Nanchang SOS Orphanage in China.

Since getting to know the kids, I've had a growing dream to teach them photography. They always seemed so interested in my camera and I wanted to set apart time to invest in their creativity.

This past summer my dream came true, and the first Invision Project class consisted of the following wonderful girls:

Kate, Yang Li Ping, 22
Jade, Ling Hui, 16
Sarah, Zhan Xiao Fen, 14
Cherry, Zhou Qin, 14
Shelly, Yang Zhen Ping, 14
Claire, Zhan Xiao Qing, 10

Together, along with my good friend Rose and our Chinese friends Lucia, Echo, Joyce, and Vanka and Chinese photographer "Laoshi Zhang" - we created a bubbly entourage that traipsed all around Nanchang with cameras.

Each day the girls and I would talk about some technicalities of working with cameras, then we would review their photos from the previous day. It was the coolest things to see the girls gathered around my laptop, encouraging each other on their work.



Then, the kids would be out of their minds happy to grab a taxi or bus to a destination for the day. Even the rain couldn't stop us. And the girls excelled in their photography.

Upon leaving, I presented them with a CD of all their photos and an album of their favorite images.

They have given their permission that I share their work with you. I hope you are inspired as you see the world through Chinese Orphan's eyes...

The Invision Project

Greeting cards with the girl's photographs are now available! For info, email:

Please pass the word about the girl's work - I'm so very proud of them!

Kristen Chase

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  1. Good job K!! I just looked at the photos! Your girls took some awesome shots! Well done on the teaching of them! I am so happy you got to do it!